Neera Detox is a fasting plan acclaimed internationally for its weight loss results and many health benefits. With deeper commitment and extended use, Neera Detox is truly a transformational treatment to eliminate poor eating habits and instill positive ones. Embark on your Neera Detox experience today and experience good health and vitality.

A perfect way to cleanse
Text by Dr. Meywald, M.D.

There are many ways of fasting, but hardly any method is as comfortable and as effective as Neera Detox. Each ingredient in this Programme is made from natural ingredients. My research over a decade has produced consistent facts…read more

A Flexible Plan for Every Lifestyle

Once you’ve decided on your health goals and what you want to achieve. Find a plan that suits your lifestyle and discipline…read more

How to Get Start Neera Detox?

Going without food is much easier than you think with Neera Detox, but like any health programme, you will require the willpower to help you get started…read more

Customer Testimonial

Vishal and Sonu tried many ways to lose weight including intensive exercise regimes with a personal coach for two years. Each time they stop, the weight pile back on. In March 2013, through the advice of Dr Tan, Vishal and Sonu embarked on Neera Detox. They were doubtful at first but to their surprise they lost more than they could possibly imagined.

Neera Plan
Relax Version by replacing one meal each day (either breakfast or dinner) with Neera Drink

Eight months to reach their current weight.

Through Neera Detox their perspective of food has changed. Now, they feel satisfied with less food and enjoy nutritious meals. They feel healthy and energetic. Their weight loss journey has been an inspiration to family and friends.


Start weight: 92kg
Current weight: 67kg

She has been overweight since childhood.
Start weight: 96kg
Current weight: 62kg

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Neera Detox a Flexible Plan for Every Lifestyle
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